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Have a Charmed Summer Season!

Have a Charmed Summer Season!

Learn how to charge your wishes and goals for Summer with a Symbol Charm

From the first day of Summer, extra Light and Sunshine fills us up with Sun Energy and provides the extra Sparkle to activate our Creativity, Inspiration and Power to achieve our dreams.

What would you like to create, experience or learn this Summer Season?  Name it, write it down, and activate it with a Symbol of your choice.  A fun way to add power to your chosen course of action is to choose a Charm that represents your Power Symbol.  You can keep the Charm in your pocket, on a cord or chain around your neck, or in a pouch carried with you.

Here are a few examples of Symbols and what they might represent:

Tree, Leaf, Flower: A desire to connect more with nature, to spend more time outside, to grow an idea or a garden, to ground and take root and reach for the sky, to blossom...

Moon, Stars: Enjoying the moon and stars, being aware of the moon cycles, learning the names of the constellations and the planets in the night sky, shining your own inner light...

Animals: Choose an animal guide, a Power Pet, for inspiration and to be reminded of the magical gifts that the animals share with us. You can find your Power Pet here in the Ashlandia TreeHouse Secret World Portal!




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