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Use Your Powers For Good and VOTE!

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  • By LadyJane
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Use Your Powers For Good and VOTE!

Hi Earthlings!

I love what I do and I love where I live; working at TreeHouse Books, making and designing kits, and co-hosting community parties and events with my friends.

But I get sad when I hear news of injustice, of pollution, of greed and of unkindness in our world.  It can feel so overwhelming! So one night I sat down at my computer and opened photoshop and started to draw something that had been an idea in my head for months...

So I made a sticker and I hope that people want to share it. Why a sticker?  Because it's a fun way to share art and an idea, and I decided to just take a chance and see if anybody thinks it's inspiring like I do!  (I know that it's just a little sticker, but maybe somebody will remember that they still have Powers, and maybe they will be inspired to Vote for Good.)

Pixiedust Blessings,



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