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Winter Nesting & Dreaming

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  • By LadyJane
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Winter Nesting & Dreaming

Winter is a good time for Reading, Dreaming, Inventing and Creating!

Stardust Blessings from the TreeHouse Nest.

I adore the Winter Season for the chance to slow down a wee bit, find a cozy spot, and read read read!  First, I make a yummy cup of herbal brew in my favorite owl mug, and then I climb onto my cozy couch or bed propped up with pillows and turn on my reading lamp.  I get to spend time each evening before I fall asleep reading chapters from a good storybook from the TreeHouse shelves. 

When I'm not reading storybooks, I also like to dream up a few new "Somethings from Nothings" (inventions, new kits and new treasures) to sell in our shop.  Ravenwich and our other magical friends and I get together and share our ideas every month around a new or full moon.  It's always an enchanting time together when each of us shares our plans and intentions out loud for every season!

I keep a journal where I often write down lists of ideas with little drawings.  Coming to life this year will be a new line of Modern Faery kits that encourage nature play and observation.  I'm making the time in my days to remember to pay attention to my natural surroundings.  Right now, teensy green buds are already appearing on the lilac bushes in my backyard.  Amazing!

TreeHouse will continue to offer the best books for all of the young at heart.  We will serve up our favorite things to inspire Creativity and a sense of Curiosity & Wonder.

From all of us at TreeHouse, thank you for your gift of community and for your continued encouragement of TreeHouse Books. Since 1978!

At your service,




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